Short Term Missions

Each summer Athletes in Action offers unique training environments for college athletes to continue their spiritual, emotional, and physical development. Both domestic and international mission experiences focus on evangelism, discipleship, service, justice, leadership development, and God's heart for all nations. For the college athlete, the summer offers unique ways to continue their physical training while making a deeper spiritual investment in their own lives as well as in the lives of others.

During each of AIA's summer opportunities, athletes rub shoulders and live in community with fellow college athletes from around the country, helping them see they are not alone in the fight to honor Christ in the midst of the culture. In addition, athletes get use their gifts and abilities to serve others.

As Athletes in Action staff, each summer we have the privilege of serving on a short term summer project, outside of our normal ministry assignment. Not only do the student-athletes we work with get the opportunity to experience Christ in a new environment, but we as staff get to invest in the lives of student-athletes from other campuses around the country as well as serving others in a variety of nations and contexts. 

During our years on staff we have had the opportunity to serve on short term projects or training camps in Colorado, Los Angeles, Brazil, West Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and East Asia.